The right Point of Sale system streamlines your restaurant operation,

saving you time and money.

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Best-in-class POS systems for restaurants


No upfront costs

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Easy online ordering

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24/7 lifetime support

Your restaurant is facing many new challenges, from the need for online ordering to touchless solutions, that can create bottlenecks in your business and make success difficult to achieve.

You deserve a POS system that gives you the technology to make your business run smoothly without breaking the bank

Our free POS hardware and software program is designed to save you money

Say goodbye to expensive POS systems, outdated technology, and painful integration. Now you can easily afford to manage and scale your business without compromising the newest POS features or the latest technology.

Every Harbortouch Restaurant POS system comes with professional installation, comprehensive training and 24/7 365 in-house support. And it’s all included for FREE with your new POS system.

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User-friendly POS software

Don't waste valuable time training new employees on a complex, out-of-date point of sale system. Our intuitive POS software is a breeze to navigate for all staff members - and it's still packed with all the features you need to run your business.

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Cutting-edge POS hardware

Just because it's free POS hardware, doesn't mean it's cheap. Every Harbortouch POS system includes state-of-the-art equipment, featuring a sleek all-in-one design and best-in-class specs for flawless performance.


Free POS system with credit card Processing

These days, customers don't always carry cash. From Mobile payments to EMV, NFC and gift cards, your business should be able to accept payments of all kinds.

Here’s what you get

for ONLY $39/mo

  • FREE Hardware and Software
  • FREE Menu Programming
  • FREE Onsite Installation and Training
  • FREE Integrated Online Ordering
  • FREE 24/7/365 Tech Support with FREE Supplies
  • FREE QR CODE Payments
  • FREE Online Reservations
  • Lighthouse Back Office that includes:
  • Over 80 reports
  • Social Media Management
  • Customer Emails
  • Easy to change menus, pricing, payroll right from the comfort of your own home
  • Seamless Integration with Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grub Hub, Quickbooks & Post Mates with more to come!
  • Fully Integrated Scheduling
  • Sky Tab Handhelds with Printers. $15 per month.  Wi-Fi and 4g back up.  You can take them on deliveries.

Claim your $500 bonus

Here’s How it Works

  • 1 Fill out the form to speak to an expert POS consultant
  • 2 We handle everything including menu programming
  • 3 We come to your for a professional installation and training

Your business runs smoothly and you can get back to what you love.

We understand to run a successful restaurant you don’t have the spare time or extra money to get bogged down with your POS system. That’s why we offer Harbortouch POS systems with no upfront costs and take care of everything in the setup process making it quick and painless for you.

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We understand to run a successful restaurant you don’t have the spare time or extra money to get bogged down with your POS system. That’s why we offer Harbortouch POS systems with no upfront costs and take care of everything in the setup process making it quick and painless for you.

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Our Customers

Introducing SkyTab.

Pay at the table tech has never been so easy.

SkyTab front view payment

No touch, No Problem

  • Simple intuitive and state of the art hardware and software.
  • Easy to use payment interface. Split checks, add tips, no problem.
  • Full order functionality
  • Email or print receipts
  • Accepts EMV, NFC and swiped card payments
  • Fully integrates with your Harbortouch POS system and Lighthouse Business Management System
  • WiFi and 4G enabled.

Online Ordering

without the headache

The last thing you need in your kitchen is extra tablets, special printer or emails coming in from everything direction of online orders from 3rd party online ordering. But in the world we live in, you need that business to stay relevant and alive.

Your harbortouch system offers full integration between your POS system and UBER Eats & Door Dash taking your bottleneck and seamlessly integrating it into your existing workflow!

  • Custom branded online menu
  • Full integration with your Harbortouch POS system
  • Menu fully synced with your POS system
  • Instantly receive order via email and/or your kitchen printers
  • Google Maps Integration for delivery orders

And what about 3rd party orders? Your Harbortouch system also offers full integration between your POS system and 3rd party online ordering services UBER Eats & Door Dash. Time to say goodbye to online ordering bottlenecks

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RUN YOUR Business,

Your way

Cloud-basedbusiness management and reporting tools that are proven to increase revenue by 27%

Smart POS (sPOS)

Remote Reporting and POS Management

Harbortouch’s powerful Lighthouse platform provides you with remote access to your Restaurant POS system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lighthouse enables you to view reports online, make changes to your menu remotely, and manage your employees from anywhere. Now you can work where you want, when you want!


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Manage social media accounts

Schedule posts, track performance of your content, and manage all your social media activity in one place.

90% of customers decisions are swayed by online reviews

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Manage your online reputation

View ratings and reviews from multiple online review platforms and easily respond to customers to maintain your brand.

94% of buyers will only use a business with a 4 star rating

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Easily engage customers

Set up welcome emails, promotional offers, and more using built-in tools to improve customer loyalty.

80% of happy customers never return. Repeat customers spend 67% more.


Take control of your restaurant with powerful POS reporting capabilities from Harbortouch.

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Sales Reports

Tracking sales is essential for the success of any restaurant. Sales reports will give you actionable insights into what you’re selling and when.

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Labor Reports

Labor costs are a big chunk of your expenses and should be thoroughly monitored. High labor costs and low revenue is a recipe for disaster.

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Menu and Product Reports

Are dinner specials not selling like they did last year? Do you see an uptick in delivery orders month over month? With Harbortouch’s menu and product reports, you can find answers like these and turn data into actionable tasks.

You started a restaurant because you love to serve people great food. You’re a creator of happiness. But outdated POS systems can make day to day operations more difficult. And with the demand for online ordering integration through companies like UBER Eats and Door Dash, it’s easy for bottlenecks to appear in your workflow. Getting restaurants back up and going strong in 2021 takes new solutions. People need to feel safe, they need to access your food in new ways.

What you need is a solution that makes things easier, your workflow smoother and your customers experience great so you can get back to what you do best. Making people happy with your food and your service.