Harbortouch is a full-service restaurant point of sale system built to help you work smarter, not harder.

A restaurant POS system for serious restaurateurs like you —
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Bar & Restaurant Hardware Options:

Kitchen printer (remote printer)
Add remote thermal printers or dot-matrix printers in your kitchen or bar to speed up order prep.

Kitchen display system (KDS)
Or don’t use a printer at all and leverage the eco-friendly power of a KDS.

Digital scale
If you sell weighted items, a digital scale will ensure sales are accurate — down to the penny.

Barcode scanner
For restaurants that sell merchandise or other retail items with a UPC, a barcode scanner can speed up sales.

Tableside Tablet
Servers can input orders and accept payment directly from the table with a purpose-built 10″ tablet.

Let Pay-at-the-Table Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

SkyTab pay-at-the-table devices deliver an unmatched customer experience and operational efficiency that will supercharge your business.

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Pay-at-the-Table POS Benefits

Increase table turns and face time with customers

With pay-at-the-table technology, servers can stay in the front-of-house. Employees can place orders, reorder items, split checks, and process payments without walking back and forth to a stationary POS terminal.

Reduce chargeback liability and card fraud

Pay-at-the-table EMV is the perfect recipe to reduce chargebacks, card fraud, and put more dough in your pocket.

Boost gratuity and shrink turnover

Higher tips equal happier servers — and less employee turnover. The SkyTab tableside payment device prompts patrons with custom tip amounts designed to support fair tipping practices.

Measure customer experience in real-time

Avoid negative online reviews. Give guests the option to rate their dining experience during the payment process so you can address unhappy customers and resolve complaints.

Move beyond the table for takeout and delivery

SkyTab isn’t just for pay-at-the-table. With its built-in 4G capabilities, you can accept payment anywhere – including for curbside takeout or delivery.

Pay-at-the-Table POS Features

  • Place orders and reorder items directly from the table
  • Customer-friendly payment interface
  • Accept EMV and NFC payments like ApplePay
  • Split checks and add tips right at the table
  • An optional customer satisfaction survey so customers can rate their dining experience
  • Populate your marketing database with customer emails
  • Send e-receipts or print receipts using the built-in printer
  • Fully integrates with your POS System and Lighthouse™ Business Management System
  • WiFi and 4G enabled, to support curbside takeout, delivery, and more
  • State-of-the-art hardware devices combined with simple and intuitive POS software

Integrated Online Ordering and Reservations

SkyTab Online is fully integrated with your point-of-sale menu for a seamless online ordering experience and is available completely FREE – there are no setup fees, monthly fees, or per-order fees!

Branded Online Ordering Website

  • Easily customize your online ordering site with your restaurant logo
  • Responsive website design ensures that your customers can order from either their computer or smartphone
  • Intuitive menu configuration and reporting through your admin portal

Seamless POS Integration

  • Syncs with the menu on your POS system for quick setup and streamlined operations
  • Ability to modify the menu specifically for your online ordering site without impacting your POS menu

Lighthouse Business Management System

The Lighthouse Business Management System is more than just a reporting portal. Offering numerous management features and customer engagement tools, Lighthouse helps boost your bottom line. Available on any computer or mobile device, it gives you complete control over your business without being tied to your business.

  • Dashboard: Customize your dashboard with a wide range of widgets to put the most useful information at your fingertips.
  • Reporting: Access a wide range of useful reports to gain insights about your business operations.
  • POS Management: Remotely add, edit or remove menu items, discounts, pricing, table layout and POS settings.
  • Employee Scheduling: Easily manage your employee schedules with a built-in calendar and shift management tools.
  • Customer Engagement Tools: Set up welcome emails, promotional offers, and more using built-in tools to improve customer loyalty.
  • Online Reputation Management: View ratings and reviews from multiple online review platforms and easily respond to customers to maintain your brand.
  • Social Media Management: Schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your social media accounts in one place.
  • POS Marketplace: Add functionality to your point of sale by downloading various apps that seamlessly integrate with your POS system.

Used by the Most Recognized Brands in Hospitality

A savvy POS is like a fine glass of wine — meant to be paired well

Like a sommelier suggests the perfect wine to complement your signature dish, we pride ourselves on our unmatched ability to pair you with the POS system that is the precise match for your unique business.

Our years of industry experience successfully running multiple restaurants and retail businesses equip us with a unique set of skills to offer you the perfect solution to transform your workflow. Call us today!


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We have partnered with three of the top US-based Point of Sale companies (Harbortouch, and PayAnywhere) to help you find solutions that work for you. Their visionary business building ideas meet our broad food service and retail experience to offer you the finest POS options to complement your distinctive restaurant style.

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