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Is your POS system serving you, or are you serving your POS?

Choosing the right tool matters. Just as you wouldn't use a paring knife to slice bread, if your POS system isn't the right tool for your business – you're creating a recipe for frustration and inefficiency.

We understand the unique needs of food service and hospitality businesses. After all, our experience running a successful restaurant for several years was the inspiration behind our mission to reduce the demands on your creativity and allow you to spend your time and energy doing what you love.

We cater our services to your needs. That's why you can rely on Pair Payments as your go-to resource for Retail POS & Payments solutions. From selection, set-up, and customization through training and 24/7 support, we make the entire process simple, easy, reliable!

A savvy POS is like a fine glass of wine — meant to be paired well

Like a sommelier suggests the perfect wine to complement your signature dish, we pride ourselves on our unmatched ability to pair you with the POS system that is the precise match for your unique business.

Our years of industry experience successfully running multiple restaurants and retail businesses equip us with a unique set of skills to offer you the perfect solution to transform your workflow. Below are some of the key ingredients in the solutions we serve up.

head on hosp

Fast Casual, Fine Dining, Night Clubs and Bars

Perfect for: Small to Midsize Retail, Cellular Phone Stores, Boutiques, Floral Shops

Harbortouch Hospitality is a superhero…the first ever FREE POS, built on the legendary Dinerware restaurant software platform. It’s absolutely the easiest, highest powered offering on the planet. Simple user interface, low learning curve and backed by 24/7/365 support and an industry leading lifetime warranty program, Hospitality does it all. The features on this system are too numerous to list, but here are the basics:

Hospitality is a rock star system that won’t break the bank. At only $49 per month per terminal equipment included, your restaurant can perform at the level of high-end chain restaurants with tech they don’t even have yet.

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Take Out and Delivery

Perfect for: Pizza Shops, Drive Throughs, Delivery, Take Out, etc. 

Own a pizza shop, Thai Food, drive through heavy delivery or take out? You need our Harbortouch QSR. QSR is a no frills, take out and delivery software that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: track deliveries and drivers, map traffic patterns, control takeout, pick up & delivery, and make closeouts simple and easy.

Web Based Back Office

...accessible from anywhere on the planet! Reports, menu and employee management, automated straight-to-email reporting, Internet marketing including text and email, online reputation management, scheduling and more.

Third Party App Integration

...allows companies like Grub Hub and Door Dash to integrate directly through the POS and right to the kitchen…no more tablets, faxes, or verification calls.

Integrated Online Ordering

Harbortouch was – again – the first to offer fully integrated online ordering. Change an item in the POS, it automatically changes online. Online orders go straight to the kitchen with zero employee contact.

Tableside Ordering

In Spring 2019, experience true pay-at-the-table utilizing the sleek phone-sized Pax A920 all-in-one handheld POS. You will no longer need bulky work stations.

Cloud Hybrid Technology

Your database exists both locally and on the Internet, but is reliant on neither. Even if your internet goes down, your business won’t.

May we suggest...

We have partnered with three of the top US-based Point of Sale companies (Harbortouch, and PayAnywhere) to help you find solutions that work for you. Their visionary business building ideas meet our broad food service and retail experience to offer you the finest POS options to complement your distinctive restaurant style.