Pair Payments doesn’t have just one retail solution – we have six!

We understand all retail is not all the same. That’s why we’ve partnered with Harbortouch and PayAnywhere so you can have options!

Harbortouch and PayAnywhere are the two top US-based Point of Sale (POS) companies that are literally transforming how retail businesses do business. Today, you have choices because of their visionary ideas! And now, with Pair Payments' POS-strategy and implementation services, you can rely on our team as your go-to resource for all things POS & Payments related: from selection, set-up, and customization through training and 24/7 support. We make the entire process simple, easy and reliable. Call 774.855.6036 today to learn more or fill out the form below.


Micro Merchant & Contractors

Perfect for: Flea Markets, Farmers Markets, Contractors, Landscapers, Automotive, Fencing Companies, etc.

PayAnywhere’s 2-in-1 phone application allows you to accept all forms of credit card processing through a single login, which can be used with a fleet of trucks or service providers.

This software can be combined with virtual terminals to allow for online payments, monthly membership payments or payment plans. Combine it with the Pax E500 Smart POS to control your whole fleet from a central payment location. Increase cash flow tenfold with the PayAnywhere payment ecosystem.

Mall Kiosks

Perfect for: Small Boutiques & Mall Kiosks

The PayAnywhere Smart POS and Smart terminal handset is perfect for small boutiques and mall kiosks. It can be set up wirelessly or with 4G cellular in locations not hardwired to the internet.

Small Boutiques

Perfect for: Small to Midsize Retail, Cellular Phone Stores, Boutiques, Floral Shops

Are you a small store in a mall or a strip plaza? The Harbortouch Echo is a inexpensive yet powerful all in one solution. At only $29.99 per month it won’t break the bank, and still gives you the automation of a bigger, more powerful system.

Need even more power via appointment setting? Step up to the Harbortouch Checkout. This brand-new state of the art system will allow for more products, pictorial references, scheduling, and multiple employee pay options.

Mid to Large Retail

Perfect for: Liquor Stores, Convenience Stores, Small Super Markets, Tool Rentals, Party Rentals, Landscaping Yards, Large Volume Retail

Need it all? We have it. From equipment rental to consignment, layaway to gift receipts, customer ID verification to package break up, inventory management to online purchase order, Harbortouch Retail has the muscle to run any retail location from a consignment shop to Macy’s.

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