No Fee Credit Card Processing

High-rate rewards cards are costing merchants a fortune. Pair Payments can help you virtually eliminate those fees and reward your cash paying customers.


Professional Services

Businesses offering professional services often have the most to gain by switching to no-fee credit card processing. If your customers pay their invoices by credit card, stop losing hundreds or thousands per month to processing fees! All professional service businesses can get paid faster while increasing profit margins!

  • Web & graphic design firms
  • Home inspectors
  • Medical offices: physicians, therapists, dentists
  • Financial service providers
  • Landscapers
  • HVAC technicians
  • Contractors: roofers, fencing companies, plumbers, electricians
People ordering food on the street

Food Trucks

Pair Payments can set up your rolling restaurant with both a powerful mobile payment system, but also one that won't have you paying expensive fees! Food trucks can be sensitive to price changes, so eliminating useless fees should be at the top of your business' menu.

restaurant and bar_payments

Restaurants and Bars

We have many solutions that work well for restaurants! From pay at the table solutions to countertop terminals. Pair Payments works with all of them and will save you big time!


Medical Offices

Doctors and dentists all over America have benefited from using our program and save tremendous amounts of money using Pair Payments' No-Fee Card Processing.

salon and spa -_payments

Hair & Nail Salons

Hate paying those high rates for processing at your hair salon? Are you not accepting credit cards at all because of the associated fees? Pair Payments will allow you to take cards with virtually no fees at all!

Car Service Auto Care Center. Car in Front of Two Gates to Authorized Certified Auto Service.

Auto Repair and Service Businesses

With invoices reaching into the hundreds and thousands of dollars, auto repair shops can end up paying a significant amount of money in fees! Pair Payments can help you dump these fees so you can increase your profits!



We offer simple and robust POS solutions ideal for use with the hospitality industry. We’ve even partnered with online booking sites to offer Pair Payments' No Fee Card Processing through their platforms!

So why Pair?

We know point of sale and payment systems like the backs of our hands, so you don't have to. We drive solutions that create the very framework of a business' financial success. We have an unbreakable process and an unstoppable goal... to help your businesses succeed. Give our trusted method a try... Connect today. Pairing up has never been easier!


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