About Pair Payments

Our company was founded by people who do what you do

We know restaurants and retail because we’ve owned both. Owning a Pizzeria, a three-location sports performance training center and a career as a retail buyer in New York and Boston gives us a unique insight into your business, your pains and your joys.

We know the long hours, the frustrating employees, the inventory management, the late deliveries, the sudden price escalations… we get the pressure you’re under because we are you.

Pair Payments was formed in 2012 to take the difficulty out of a POS purchase and put the trust back into merchant services. Our goal: to provide great service, an affordable payment solution for every client, and play the long game in merchant services: a little bit…for a long time. We want to be a reliable source of information while providing useful tools to help you run your business. We provide ideas and content to help you grow and want to be the best and only provider you will ever want to pair with because you are at are core of what we do.

We have searched long and hard to find the right solutions specific to your needs. Few solution can do it all, and in many cases we can pair multiple solutions to your needs. We have done the searching for you and will be relentless in fulfilling your specific and individual needs.

To learn more call 774.855.6036, email [email protected].

Pair with us for a fruitful future.

It’s Simple, easy & reliable.


Pair Payments is looking for talented and motivated team members to join our team

We are in the process of expansion and are looking for the best of the best – dedicated salespeople, people interested in opportunities to help others while also being able to help themselves.

Our Current Openings

Outside Sales Representative

Pair Payments is seeking Outside Sales Representatives to join our sales team. This is a phenomenal way to utilize your sales and business skills within a growing and dynamic payments company! If you value teamwork and personal achievement – you’ll be perfectly paired to our team!

Take Charge