Credit Card Processing

Pair Payments wants payment partners for life. That’s why we give you our best rate first.

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Standard Processing

Whether you want flat rate pricing, interchange or tier pricing we will find the right rate for you. Pair Payments will provide free hard wired, or Wifi terminals or 4G mobile platforms.

  • Pax S920 Terminal – The gold standard in credit card processing. Color Touch Screen, NFC Contactless Payments, Emv Chip and magnetic swipe processing, Apple Pay and Android Pay Ready.  Eloquent and Simple and best of all Free
Online payment,Man's hands pointing smartphone  and using credit card for online shopping.

Mobile Processing

Pair payments offers a suite of Mobile payment platforms including WiFi, Bluetooth, and true 4G mobile processing on POS Systems, Handheld Terminals and Phone Swipes. Great for businesses like food trucks, fleet businesses like contractors, landscaping companies etc. All operating individually or connected back to a central platform.

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Virtual Terminals

Credit card Processing right from your desktop. No need for a terminal or additional ethernet connection.  Send invoices for payment, track revenue and set up monthly membership payments right from your desk.  Standard processing or no-fee credit card processing available.

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Virtual Gateways

Available from online ordering or shopping cart payments. Highest level of security and next day funding.

2 Terminals Software Costs Monthly$78/mo$158/mo$129/mo$100/mo$58/mo$179/mo
2 Terminal Hardware Costs$0$2398$1999$1998$2698$2198
3 Year Total Cost Of Operation$2808$8086$6643$5598$4786$8642
Cloud Hybrid************************
Table Layout************************
Efficient POS Operation*******************
Kitchen Display*********************
Native Reservations******
Native Waitlist******
Actionable CRM************
Native Gift Card*****************
Native Loyalty*******************
Native Online Ordering**********
Pay Order At Table********************
Social Media Management************
Reporting And Insights******************
Staff Scheduling**********************
Apps Marketplace*****************

So why Pair?

We know point of sale and payment systems like the backs of our hands, so you don't have to. We drive solutions that create the very framework of a business' financial success. We have an unbreakable process and an unstoppable goal... to help your businesses succeed. Give our trusted method a try... Connect today. Pairing up has never been easier!


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